Window Alarms

Help Protect More Parts of Your Home

ADT monitored home security systems come with equipment that helps you protect all areas of your home – and doors and windows are no exception. These entry points into your home are an intruder’s dream come true – especially if they are accidentally left open or unlocked. Even though the FBI reports that 85 percent of break-ins occur through doors, there is still a chance that your home could be broken into through a window.

Safeguarding doors and windows is such an important aspect of security that window alarms come standard with ADT monitoring for your home. Window security can be a combination of both do-it-yourself efforts and home alarm technology. For your part, it’s imperative to make sure you have the best possible “burglar-proof” windows available. Double-paned windows are always best – plus they can help make your home more energy-efficient by keeping warm or cool air in when you’re running your heat or air conditioning, depending on the season. Some people install burglar bars on their windows, but these devices can be potentially dangerous if a fire breaks out and the bars prevent the windows from being used as an emergency exit.

A commonsense DIY measure you and your family can take is to make sure all the windows in your home are shut and locked whenever you leave the house – and especially before going away for extended periods of time like vacations.

Door and window alarms – known as Points of Protection in ADT monitored security systems – monitor these entryways to detect when someone enters or exits your home.

When you have armed your ADT monitored system and someone opens a monitored door or window, the high-decibel alarm will sound and the ADT monitoring network will be notified. To help you keep tabs on doors and windows when the system is unarmed, you’ll hear an electronic chirp or a voice alert (for example, “Front door open”).

Expanding your protection with additional door and window alarms

The standard equipment that comes with every ADT monitored alarm system includes three door and window alarms (Three Points of Protection) to help you protect key entrances to your home. Window security sensors and door sensors that operate wirelessly are available. Although the standard equipment features three of these sensors, you can upgrade to additional Points of Protection at any time.

Some homeowners may want to equip every window with window alarms, but the expense and technical challenges make it a difficult proposition. A good alternative is installing a glass break sensor instead. This device operates like a high-intensity microphone to detect the sound of glass shattering. The glass break sensor will trigger your ADT monitored alarm when it detects this sound, effectively giving you the same coverage you would have with window alarms on every single window.

Another type of door alarm is the overhead garage door contact, for homeowners who want a way to monitor their garages for break-ins. This device and the glass break sensor are optional equipment, so be sure to ask about adding it to your monitoring package when you purchase your ADT monitored home security system.

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