Motion Sensors

Help Protect and Monitor Your Home

Motion detectors aren’t just for fancy, high-tech office buildings or action movies. They are also available for everyday uses like home security, helping to monitor and keep your home safe.

An ADT monitored home security system uses wireless technology in a variety of ways to help keep a lookout for intruders and other home emergencies. One infrared interior motion detector is included in every ADT monitoring package, and homeowners can upgrade to additional motion detectors if they want to expand their coverage.

While door and window alarms monitor incoming and outgoing traffic, motion sensors help protect large areas like foyers, hallways or sometimes even entire rooms. All of the monitoring components serve an individual purpose while simultaneously working together to give your home and family enhanced protection from the nation’s #1 source of security solutions – ADT monitoring.

How does a motion sensor alarm work?

The infrared interior motion detector that comes with your ADT monitored system sends out thousands of infrared beams (these are invisible and not harmful to people or animals). When the beams are “broken” by something or someone passing through them, it triggers the high-decibel alarm siren and sends a signal to an ADT Customer Monitoring Center.


You may have concerns that your pets will pose a problem for a motion detector alarm by accidentally setting off false alarms, but don’t worry. ADT monitoring uses pet-friendly motion detection devices with two settings: one for pets up to 40 pounds and another for pets up to 80 pounds.

A simple solution for pet owners with dogs larger than 80 pounds is to have the installer position the motion sensor alarm so that the beams will travel in an upward direction, leaving the dog free to move around below the beams without triggering the device.

Pets are often cited as one of the most common reasons for false alarms. However, the motion detector included with your ADT monitored alarm system will substantially reduce the risk as it helps keep all members of your family, pets included, safer and more secure.

Different types of motion sensor applications

In addition to motion detection, motion sensors can also help operate other home security equipment, such as security cameras. Homeowners who have the ADT Pulse® Interactive Solutions feature with optional video surveillance can view footage triggered by a specific event, like the front door opening. This function helps save space on the device that stores the footage.

If you choose, you can use outdoor motion sensors in addition to your ADT monitored alarm system to control floodlights. Motion-activated lights can help cut down on electricity costs, because you won’t have to leave them on throughout the night – they will come on only when the sensor attached to them detects movement.

ADT monitoring has motion sensors and much more

Call now and learn about the many ways that the motion sensor alarm with your ADT monitored security system offers better protection. Become one of the 6 million ADT monitored home security customers today and help protect your family, home and your peace of mind.