New Homeowner’s Checklist

Moving homes is a commitment.

Between signing papers, hiring movers and notifying the right people, it can be a headache to keep things moving smoothly. But if you just closed on your dream home, there’s no need to worry! We’re here to help.

We’ve put together a simple checklist to help you stay organized throughout the entire process. Follow along right here on the site, or download our PDF so you can print it out and take it on the go!

Click the image below to download the New Homeowner’s Checklist pdf

New Homeowner Checklist


  • Research utility providers and organize your gas, water and electric provisions
  • Get a professional home inspection
  • Talk to an agent about your home insurance policy

Web Safety

  • Update your e-mail to reflect the new address
  • Alert your internet and cable companies
  • Store and transport all sensitive data on a hard disk, thumb drive or cloud


  • Locate and label your main circuit breaker
  • Test your heating and cooling units
  • Check your switchplates and outlet covers and replace if necessary
  • Install a programmable thermostat
  • Test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Test your microwave, stove and oven
  • Install outlet covers if you have small children in the house
  • Test your washer and dryer units
  • Research local tax credits for solar panels and/or energy-saving appliances


  • Ask a neighbor or call the city to find your garbage collection day
  • Test your toilets and faucets
  • Ask your realtor where gas and water meters are located
  • Check for chipping or fading paint
  • Jiggle doorknobs and tighten screws on any sticky entryways
  • Fill all drywall holes
  • Examine your ceilings for water leaks and stains
  • Clean all vents and air ducts
  • Look for wet spots in your attic, basement and/or crawlspace

Contact Information

  • File a change of address with USPS and the IRS
  • Change your bank’s billing address
  • Update your license, registration and voter card

Home Safety

  • Develop a family escape plan in case of fire
  • Put together a first aid kit
  • Research security systems and cameras for your property