ADT Pulse® Interactive Solutions App


Smartphone applications help make your life easier. You can check to make sure your traffic route is clear on the way home from work, set reminders and appointments and – with the help of ADT Pulse – even check in on your monitored home security system when you’re not there.

The ADT Pulse app gives you the ability to do just that – connect with your home from your office, the car or anywhere else you may find yourself on the go. ADT Pulse helps make your life and your home more manageable, because home automation is the latest in wireless technology for a wireless lifestyle.

ADT Pulse: How the home automation app works

How is it possible to control your thermostat, appliances and monitored home alarm system all from one smartphone application? ADT Pulse connects different electronic devices through Z-wave™ wireless technology. You simply plug a Z-wave module into any compatible appliance that you want to control electronically. The device will automatically synch up and communicate wirelessly with other Z-wave modules.

With the ADT Pulse® app, you can connect your monitored security system and other home devices with your smartphone or tablet for a complete smart-home experience.

How the ADT Pulse® app can enhance your home

A wireless home automation connection lets you manage multiple systems, including HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), monitored home security and lighting. You can do it all on the go with an Android™, a BlackBerry® or an ADT iPhone® app.

Here’s a list of some home automation app capabilities:

  • Receive instant email or text message notifications when a security event occurs at your home.
  • Adjust lighting when you’re at work or away on vacation, in case you want to deter burglars or just want your home to be well-lit when you arrive.
  • Adjust your thermostat to more efficiently manage energy use when you’re not home.
  • View security footage on your smartphone when you have the ADT Pulse monitored security camera as part of your monitoring plan.
  • Access your monitored home security system with just a few taps on your smartphone.

With the convenience of the ADT Pulse® app, you can not only control your home alarm system but also manage your home itself.

ADT iPhone® app (also available for other devices)

ADT Pulse is offered only with the Premium Protection Plus monitoring package. You’ll download the ADT Pulse app, which is available for iPhone®, Android™ and BlackBerry®, when your monitored home security system is installed.

When you order your monitoring package, ask the security representative if you are eligible for any ADT promotions or deals in your area. Call now to enjoy ADT monitored home security and automation on the go with an ADT Pulse mobile app.