ADT Pulse®

Making your home more secure has never been simpler, thanks to the advanced home automation features of ADT Pulse® Interactive Solutions. As the long-standing leader in the home security industry, ADT has once again ushered in a new era of home security.
ADT Pulse technology
ADT has been around since call boxes and electric signals were cutting-edge technology in the realm of home security. Now, ADT customers can lock their doors turn off their lights and adjust their thermostats just by tapping the screens on their smartphones.

ADT Pulse delivers security plus automation

If you’re new to the world of home automation, here are a few of

the ways ADT Pulse can help simplify your lifestyle, enhance your family’s security and improve your overall household management:

  • Stay in touch with home. With ADT Pulse, you can stay in touch with what is going on at home even while you are away. Watch live video surveillance on your mobile device to make sure the pet sitter fed the dog, or to make sure the kids made it home safely from school. You can also receive text and email notifications about events that are happening at home, such as the front door opening to indicate the babysitter has arrived.
  • Monitor your security. ADT Pulse lets you monitor your home’s security system all from the convenience of your mobile device. For instance, what happens if you are driving to work and suddenly realize you forgot to lock the back door? With ADT Pulse, you don’t have to turn around and drive all the way home; you can simply lock your door from your smartphone in a matter of seconds. You can also use ADT Pulse to remotely arm or disarm your home’s ADT monitored alarm, in case you’re at the store when the cable technician shows up and you need to let him in.
  • Increased control and energy savings. Connect ADT Pulse to your home’s lights and thermostat so that you can conveniently manage your energy use. Use Pulse to turn off lights you may have forgotten about and to make sure your home is already set at the optimal temperature when you arrive home after a long day.

The ADT Pulse mobile app is available for iPhone, Droid and other devices. Ask a security representative for more details on using Pulse to interact with your home security system, thermostat, lights and door locks.

Get ADT Pulse for a smarter and safer home

Automation has revolutionized the way people interact with their homes, making control and security easier than ever before. So why do more work than you need to? With ADT Pulse, your home can work for you.

To learn more about how ADT security can simplify your life and improve your peace of mind, call today.