ADT Keychain Remote

When it comes to making life more manageable, big things come in small devices.

ADT monitoring utilizes advanced technology that helps you easily control your monitored alarm system and manage your home’s security, even with your active lifestyle and busy schedule. And don’t forget about life’s little inconveniences.


How many times have you reached your front step with both hands full of shopping bags and the key still in your pocket? If you have a discount DIY burglar alarm, you face the additional challenge of getting in the house without setting off the alarm.

The ADT keychain remote – sometimes called a key fob – helps you manage your ADT monitored home alarm system, and some of these small daily tasks. The remote acts as a wireless extension of your digital keypad. Keep it with you on your keychain, in your purse or wallet, or even on your bedside table if you want to arm your system at bedtime without having to get up.

What does the ADT key fob/keychain remote do?

The ADT key fob has four main functions: two settings for activating the alarm, one for deactivating the alarm and a panic button for emergencies. You can arm your ADT monitored system with or without the motion detector. Arm the system without the motion detector when you’re at home (to avoid setting off a false alarm) and with the motion detector when you leave.

You can use the ADT keychain remote from almost anywhere inside your home, up to 50 feet away from the digital keypad. This device makes managing your home security especially convenient because you can access your system:

  • When you’re backing out of your driveway and realize you forgot to set the alarm but don’t have time to go back inside and use keypad
  • From your back yard when you’re up late entertaining guests and the kids are asleep inside
  • Without having to get up from the couch when you’re enjoying a movie or a ballgame

Discover the convenience of wireless technology

You’ll receive the ADT keychain remote as standard equipment with your ADT monitored home security system, along with other standard components such as the digital keypad, motion detector, door/window sensors and backup battery.

The ADT key fob lets you perform many of the same functions you would normally do on the keypad. The big difference is that you can carry the remote device around in your pocket, meaning that you’ll have a wider range of access to your monitored home security system.

Another cutting-edge uses of wireless technology, ADT Pulse® Interactive Solutions, lets you access your monitored alarm system using a mobile device like your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Think of this feature as an extremely long-range version of your keychain remote, with even greater capabilities.

Call today and find out about incorporating these incredible technologies into your ADT monitored home security system today!