ADT Monitoring with Home Automation

Today’s home security has changed a lot from just a few decades ago. Alarm monitoring for signs of burglary, fire and other hazards still provides the foundation of security service, yet home automation has made it possible not only to increase the protection at your home but also interact with household systems electronically.

With 24-hour security monitoring from ADT, home automation helps make your home smarter in addition to being safer.

Thanks to interactive monitored systems from ADT, home automation can provide you with an easy way to stay connected to your home and your security system. You can control your alarm system remotely, visually monitor your home with security cameras and even cut down on energy bills.

ADT Pulse technology

ADT monitoring and home automation bring peace of mind

When you choose a home security package with ADT Pulse® Interactive Solutions, you’ll receive cutting-edge technology that helps keep your home safe and keeps you informed. Plus, you’ll enjoy greater peace of mind knowing that you have constant connectivity to your home.

What can you do with home automation?

With the ADT Pulse app, you can:

  • Arm and disarm your security system on the go – Perform basic functions remotely with just a few taps on your smartphone.
  • Receive up-to-the minute updates from ADT – If someone tries to break into your home when you’re not there, you’ll know. With ADT Pulse, emails or text messages are sent to your mobile devices so you’ll stay connected and informed.
  • Save money on energy costs – Home automation isn’t just for home alarm systems. Your entire house can be a smart home, giving you the ability to manage multiple systems with wireless mobile technology. The capabilities include programming your HVAC system to automatically adjust temperatures and cut down on energy costs.
  • Control lighting – Lamp modules are an optional feature that can help you cut down on energy costs and increase your home’s security. Use the ADT Pulse app to turn lights off when you’re not home or to turn them on before you arrive home.
  • Control security cameras – Optional video cameras work with ADT Pulse home automation to raise the level of security at your home. You can view live footage from your security camera on your smartphone and take a larger role in monitoring the safety of your home.

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For home security that’s off your mind and on your smartphone, get the ADT Pulse feature. You can electronically manage everything from your thermostat settings to your video surveillance cameras.

Call today and get ADT monitored security service plus home automation from the #1 home security provider as soon as tomorrow. All you have to do to get started is:

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