ADT: CellGuard® Wireless Monitoring

American households continue to embrace new technology, a trend reflected by the decreasing number of homes with landline phones. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the number of homes with traditional landlines fell almost 25 percent over the past 15 years. And more homes with younger occupants (ages 15-29) rely solely on cellphones compared with the rest of the broader population.


Many home security companies have developed ways to adapt with the times.

For instance, ADT offers Safewatch® CellGuard®, a wireless way to communicate with ADT’s monitoring centers. This feature provides homeowners who don’t have traditional landlines with a way to stay connected to the ADT monitoring network.

Home security monitoring from ADT is available to homes with or without landline telephones. You can discover the benefits of the wireless option by comparing home security packages that feature ADT’s CellGuard®.

How does CellGuard® work?

The conventional way most homes connect to their home security providers’ monitoring centers is through a landline telephone connection. While the Essentials and Essentials Plus packages use this method of connecting to ADT, the other monitoring packages feature CellGuard®.

For wireless monitoring packages, the ADT monitored equipment will include a transmitter in the digital keypad (or control panel). This device provides a way to communicate with the monitoring centers using cell towers near your home. Wireless signals are an emerging option for home security customers to stay connected to their provider – just like cellphones are becoming a more common method of telephone communication.

Benefits of ADT Monitoring and CellGuard®

In addition to providing wireless-only monitoring from ADT, CellGuard® can serve as a backup connection for landline users. For customers who have a monitoring package supported by a landline, having CellGuard® means they can still be connected to ADT monitoring if the telephone lines stop working or if their service experiences interference due to weather or construction.

Other benefits of ADT monitoring and CellGuard® include:

  • Saving money – ADT monitoring customers who use cellphones exclusively don’t have to pay the cost of installing a landline just for security monitoring.
  • Reliability – The growing number of households that don’t have landline service can look forward to continued improvements in wireless technology that will make their security monitoring connections even more reliable than they are today.two-way-voice
  • Versatility – With the Total Protection Plus monitoring plan, ADT monitoring customers can take advantage of Two-Way Voice in addition to CellGuard®. Two-Way Voice is an intercom system built into the control panel. You can communicate with a security dispatcher from almost any room in your home (it can detect a voice from up to 75 feet away).

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