ADT Security Monitoring: The Homeowner’s Choice

Home provides the setting for your warmest memories – from the moment you sign the deed to your children’s first steps. ADT helps millions of homeowners protect their families and belongings, along with all those priceless memories, as the country’s largest and most experienced home security provider.

When it comes to safety and security, nobody offers more peace of mind to more people than ADT.

Why ADT home security monitoring?

ADT has spent decades providing customers with superior products and services that set the standard for an entire industry. Since ADT entered the security business in the late 1800s, no other company has contributed as many breakthroughs in security system technology and alarm monitoring.

Today, ADT offers 6.4 million customers enhanced protection against everything from break-ins to carbon monoxide leaks.

Just a quick look at the features will give you a better idea why so many homeowners and businesses have chosen ADT home security:

  • Automated threat detection covers a number of hazards, from fire to burglary to medical emergencies. The alarm systems used by ADT security come with all the tools you need to help protect your family and your possessions in a time of crisis.
  • A comprehensive network of four monitoring centers helps separate ADT security from the competition. In each center, specially trained dispatch operators work round-the-clock to help customers nationwide with their home safety.
  • A diverse selection of packages helps ADT meet the security needs of just about any homeowner, and ADT prices offer a rare combination of affordability and lasting value.
  • Advanced technology can give you an edge in the event of an emergency. ADT supplies its customers with reliable, easy-to-use equipment that incorporates innovative wireless technology. With ADT Pulse® Interactive Solutions, customers can even manage their home security systems on the go and take advantage of cutting-edge home automation features.

ADT vs. the competition

From the Southeast to the Pacific Northwest, millions of Americans rely on ADT home security. As a proud member of your community, you might feel obligated to check out the offerings from local or regional providers. At every turn, however, you’ll be reminded why ADT is America’s #1 source for home security:

  • Some security companies have been in business for several years, some for a few decades. Only ADT has more than a century’s worth of security experience.
  • Most security providers have one or two monitoring centers. ADT has four – and its monitoring services are never outsourced to a separate company.
  • ADT has more than 6,000 installers and service technicians nationwide and installs security systems at a rate of more than one per minute.

ADT’s competitors simply can’t match this kind of experience, resources or expertise.

ADT keeps the customer in mind

One of the main reasons that homeowners choose ADT home security is because of its commitment to its customers. ADT’s customer-friendly features include the Quality Service Plan covering all new equipment, the Mover’s Package Guarantee for longtime customers who relocate to new homes, professional installation of all new systems and much more (certain restrictions apply).

Once you choose ADT monitored home security, you’ll know that you can rely on exceptional customer service in addition to 24-hour alarm monitoring.

Get ADT monitoring for a safer home and family

Home isn’t just a place. Home is something that holds a special place in your heart, just like the people who live there. With just one phone call, you can take the first step toward keeping them all safer and more secure with the help of ADT.

Call now to speak with a security representative about ADT monitoring.